How can you get involved?

We greatly appreciate any and all support for our organization! Your contribution will go directly towards our venue, transportation costs, artistic booking costs, and the myriad of other expenses that we will face in actualizing this project. Although your support could go directly to schools and arts programs, we believe that our two-pronged mission - to demonstrate and enable - will have a much further reaching impact. If you're interested in making a large contribution to our organization, drop us a line! Thank you again for your support!

You can donate online through PayPal!

Or donate on our GoFundMe page!

Our donors will receive an acknowledgement letter of their contribution - we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization - in addition to recognition on our website and programs, as well as placement into our “circles” based on the level of support. Below is a listing of our circles.

Beethoven Circle, $10,000 or more

Mozart Circle, $5,000 or more

Tchaikovsky Circle, $2,500 or more

Rachmaninoff Circle, $1,000 or more

Brahms Circle, $500 or more

Vivaldi Circle, $100 or more