What are we about?
Our mission is to demonstrate the power of music in a complete education. We wish to both demonstrate our connection to the arts as well as enable local youth to follow in our footsteps.

This is an exciting time for our orchestra. We are approaching our first festival, which is set to take place in March of 2018. Many details are still coming into play, but fundamentally, we are working towards what is shaping up to be a wonderful three day festival in New York City for musicians of the Ivy League.

Our orchestra comprises of musicians in a huge variety of disciplines - from computer science to comparative literature in top universities around the United States. For each and every one of our musicians, music was fundamental to their academic success. We wish to both demonstrate this connection to the arts as well as enable local youth to follow in the same footsteps.

We believe that as college students, we can very effectively reach a middle school or high school audience. We can reach out to students in their formative years and demonstrate to them how important music has been to us - how it’s more than just something we do because we are told to. We can demonstrate how music has played an integral role in our education - regardless of our ultimate course of study. Perhaps most importantly, we can demonstrate just how beautiful music can be - especially when made among friends.

We have a number of programs that we are working on to enable youth as well. Most immediately, we will put 100% of proceeds from our final concert towards music and arts education in New York, particularly in underprivileged neighborhoods. In addition, we are working on a youth outreach program - we’ll send members of our orchestra and staff to perform in a light, audience-interactive and informative concert in schools throughout the city. A number of our staff members have experience putting on similar programs, and we are confident in the success of that program.

There are many opportunities for students, educators and sponsors! We hope that you get involved in any capacity possible. We are excited for our first year and hope to produce a truly wonderful weekend.

DG Kim

President and Founder