Join our talented staff!

We are looking for staff members in the below positions! It is not required that you play a musical instrument (though it doesn’t hurt), and there is no guarantee that you will be a member of the orchestra. We truly hope you apply to join our staff - the only requirements for application are the same requirements for applying to the orchestra - a current undergraduate in an Ivy League university.

Vice President of Technology
We are looking for a new Vice President of Technology. This person will both serve on our executive staff to direct our organization as well as lead the technology team. The technology team is responsible for managing our website, our internal website, graphic design and any audio/video production needs at our events.
Events Manager
The Events Manager is responsible for making sure the Ivy Orchestra festival and other associated events run smoothly, including general logistics and travel. In particular, we are looking for more Event Managers from Columbia (all are encouraged to apply, however) who are familiar with the campus and the city.
Booking Manager
The Booking Manager seeks out and books soloists, conductors and coaches. They will find and negotiate rates, as well as keep the soloists, conductors and coaches updated about our events.
Campus Rep
The campus rep will be responsible for making sure that their campus is well informed about Ivy Orchestra and find potential recruits for orchestra members. Currently, we are seeking campus reps from Dartmouth, Cornell and Columbia. Oftentimes, campus reps also take on other roles within the staff. It is desirable for campus reps to be a part of the main university orchestra of their respective school.
Marketing Manager
Marketing managers are responsible for both maintaining existing social media as well as implementing new marketing programs to increase the visibility of the organization. They will assist the VP for Marketing in generating marketing campaigns and take responsibility in actualizing those campaigns.
Donation Manager
Donation managers are responsible for keeping Ivy Orchestra well funded. They find donors, reach out to them and follow up to ensure a long term relationship. They are critical to the day to day operation in our organization. No finance or economics background required.